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Health and safety

Health and safety

Our Board is committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety. The management team, supported by professional safety advisers, monitors key safety performance indicators and an annual report detailing trends, performance and recommendations is presented to the Board. Our Health and Safety Committee meets regularly and comprises employees, senior managers, trade union representatives and professional safety advisers.

We evaluate our health and safety performance against our peers to ensure we continue to adopt best practice. We benchmark other organisations’ published performance data against our own and also through collaborative working via the British Retail Consortium’s Risk and Safety Policy Advisory Group, which meets regularly to review health and safety issues and share best practice.

We have targeted ongoing reductions in the number of reportable accidents, and we continue to see a reduction, with the number of reportable accidents more than halving over the last six years.

Health and safety training is provided through our e-learning database, where we are working with the training provider, Upskill. Training modules are easy for all staff to access from any location, with training guidance covering key issues such as fire safety, manual handling and food hygiene.

Our programme includes a focus on employee wellbeing as part of our wider health and safety framework and monitoring programme. We also work with our insurers to operate an Employee Assistance Plan response line, available to all staff in the event they wish to obtain further support on health-related matters.