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Our commitment

People are the greatest resource of any business. At WHSmith we are committed to providing all of our employees with learning opportunities to help them develop their careers and ensuring that employees feel engaged in the business and its priorities.

Engaging with our staff

We provide a variety of communication to staff in order to ensure that everyone is engaged in our business strategy and objectives. We do this through clear communication cascaded by team briefings, large employee events, intranet sites and regular e-newsletters. More...

Learning and development

We are committed to providing learning and development (L&D) opportunities for our employees, both to support their personal career development and to raise the capability and skill within our team. More...


WHSmith is committed to equality and diversity through its policies, practices and procedures. All employees are given equal and fair treatment, and this applies to recruitment and selection, terms and conditions of employment, promotion, training and development opportunities and employment benefits. In order to ensure that we fulfil our commitment, we have systems in place to map the diversity profile of our workforce. More...

Health and safety

Our Board is committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety. The management team, supported by professional safety advisers, monitors key safety performance indicators and an annual report detailing trends, performance and recommendations is presented to the Board. The business also has a properly constituted Health and Safety Committee that comprises employees, management, trade union representatives and professional safety advisers. More...

Board accountability
Stephen Clarke
Group Chief Executive
Executive accountability
Anthony Lawrence
Group Human Resources Director