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Our targets

Continuous improvement in these areas of our corporate responsibility programme is a key focus for WHSmith. In order to achieve this aim we set targets to improve our performance. Our targets are set out below.


• By 2020, reduce Co2e emissions from stores and distribution centres by 45% per square foot (from 2007 baseline)

• By 2020, reduce CO2e emissions from transport by 20% per pallet (from 2007 baseline).

• By 2020, we will send less than 5% of waste to landfill.


• By 2020, 90% of supplier ethical trade improvement plans will be completed on time.

• By 2020, 95% of own-brand stationery products to be made from pulp from certified or recycled sources.


• By 2020, 35% of senior management positions held by women.

• By 2020, 60% of head office senior management appointments to be internal promotions.


• In the decade to 2020, we will have invested £10 million in local communities through donations of cash, employee time and gifts in kind.

• In the decade to 2020, staff and customer fundraising initiatives will have raised over £1.25m to support partner charities.

• In the decade to 2020, we will have worked in partnership with the WHSmith Trust to help over 65,000 children discover the joy of reading.