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Our commitment

We are committed to managing the environmental impacts of our operations and the products that we sell. Environmental management also makes good business sense: using resources efficiently and minimising energy and fuel use to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions helps to reduce cost. We regularly review progress against our objectives and targets, aiming for continual improvement year on year.

Greenhouse gas reporting

Our greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy used to power our buildings and the fuel associated with transport of stock and our employees for business travel.

Energy consumption

The energy used to light and heat our stores, distribution centres and offices is the greatest contributor to our greenhouse gas footprint and also represents a significant cost to the business. As a result, we continually look for ways to reduce the amount of energy we use. More...


In terms of our greenhouse gas footprint, the second greatest contributor to our overall emissions comes from the fleet of lorries which deliver products to over a thousand WHSmith stores around the UK. High fuel prices also give us further incentive to maximise the efficiency of our fleet wherever we can. More...

Waste management

We continue to work hard to reduce waste within our business. Waste created by inefficient use of resources and rising disposal costs is a significant cost to the business. In response, we have been operating recycling and waste reduction initiatives and recycling for several years. More...

WH Smith Retail Single Use Carrier Bags Charge Return (Wales & Scotland)

The net proceeds of the income for carrier bags sold through Welsh and Scottish stores are donated to charity. More...



Board accountability
Robert Moorhead
Executive accountability
Heidi Reynolds
High Street Stores Director
Jacqueline Kelleher
Travel Stores Director